Treatment Policy

A Therapeutic Massage session may be sixty (60), or ninety (90) minutes long. In rare cases, a massage session could be extended to one hundred and twenty (120) minutes.
The Massage Practitioner, might suggest either shorter or extended massage sessions, based on a client’s therapeutic needs, and tolerance to treatment. However, a client’s decision regarding the length of their massage session, and treatment will always be honored, and respected.
The purpose of this practice is to help clients to develop, and maintain a healthy, pain-free, and balanced life-style. In order to stay true to this purpose, the Massage Practitioner may feel the need to provide their clients with helpful, and constructive advices on appropriate types of exercise for each individual case, changes of possibly harmful habits, nutrition, among others.
If the Massage Practitioner believes to be beneficial, they may also refer their clients to other professionals – which could contribute to their journey to health and balance, such as Physicians, Counselors, Physical Therapists, among others.
Other reasons the Massage Practitioner may refer their clients to another professional, are be based on cases that are outside of a Massage Therapist’s scope of practice, or simply due to the realization that the Massage Practitioner and their client are not a good fit for each other.
The success of a client’s treatment depends on compliance, determination, and trust in the Practitioner’s work, and intentions.
I understand, and agree with the Treatment Policy stated above

Payment and Cancelation Policy

The massage fees will be collected at the end of each session. Payments may be made directly to the Massage Practitioner, by cash or credit card only. Gratuities are nor suggested or required in this practice. It is a client’s private decision, and it will not affect the quality of their treatment.
A minimum of twenty-four (24) hour notice is required prior to the cancelation or rescheduling of an appointment.
The client is responsible for the payment of 100 percent (of their session’s original fee in the event of them not showing up for an appoint or a late cancelation notice.
The Massage Practitioner will exercise their right to refuse service to a client that consistently does not show up for appointments, or refuses to pay for their late cancelation fees.
I understand, and accept the Payment and Cancelation Policy stated above

Illnesses, and Emergencies Policy

Illnesses, and emergencies of any nature are unexpected events, and the cancelation policy will not apply to such cases.
It is imperative that the client stays home to rest, and recover, canceling their massage appointment in the event of them developing any type of infectious or contagious disease.
Massage therapy is a contra indication in such cases, and contracting a disease from a client, will keep the Massage Practitioner from working for however long the contagious period lasts.
Due to the reasons mentioned above, the Massage Practitioner will refuse service to a client that shows up for a massage appointment while ill.
I understand and accept the Illnesses, and Emergencies Policy stated above