Victoria Herrera is a certified and licensed massage therapist. Upon completion of a 500-hour massage therapy program at one of the most prestigious and elite centers in the world, Victoria shares both her knowledge and passion of holistic alternatives. With a vast knowledge in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology, Victoria prides herself in providing tailor made therapeutic sessions specific to the needs of her clientele. With a vast knowledge in multiple modalities ranging from Swedish and Deep tissue massage to neuromuscular techniques, sports massage and myofascial release, she specializes in providing relief and solutions for those hindered with serious injuries and chronic pain.

Victoria graduated top of her class from Sterling Health Center Massage School and is licensed with both the Pennsylvania and Texas Massage State boards. In addition, she is fully insured through the American Massage Therapy Association. With a thirst for knowledge to help her clients, Victoria enrolls in continuing education courses frequently to enhance her healing touch.

One of the attributes that sets Victoria apart from other therapists is her training in one of the more difficult modalities of oncological massage. As a result of intensive training and a passion for helping her clients, Victoria offers oncological massage in her practice. More than 1.5 million new cases of cancer occur in the U.S. While massage does not treat cancer itself, it helps reduce the side effects caused by conventional treatments and improves the quality of life and well-being. Having the opportunity to help those most in need is the most rewarding and important aspect of her job.